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Transition to Retirement

Are you five years or less from retirement and concerned that you haven’t done enough to prepare? Are you unsure of what needs to be done before making the transition?

When you’re transitioning to retirement, it’s time to reevaluate your risk exposure and asset allocation. It’s also the time to turn your lifetime of saving and investing into a reliable income stream. SAA Financial can help you effectively and efficiently transition into your golden years.

We can assist you by…

  • Creating a personalized investment transition plan to help retirement assets meet your financial obligations in retirement;
  • Incorporating investment strategies consistent with age and risk tolerance and exploring market alternatives for asset preservation and managing retirement assets;
  • Performing income modeling to determine projected assets, income sources and income strategy and strategizing for any shortcomings;
  • Maximizing retirement income from pensions and Social Security and working to extend the longevity of your saved assets for retirement;
  • Holding regular reviews to discuss your investment plan and any necessary changes;
  • Acting as a liaison or referral source to complementary financial professionals for insurance, estate planning and tax planning needs;
  • Monitoring your account status and updating your investment strategy based on market conditions or economic changes.

Let our experienced advisors counsel you on the important transition decisions for your retirement monies. We’ll help you preserve your assets to maximize their long-term value for retirement. Learn more about making the transition to retirement by requesting our “Retirement Ready” complimentary consultation today.

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