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Strategic Asset Plan

Are you maximizing your retirement savings plan? Are you saving and investing enough to be able to afford your retirement years? Will you be able to retire on time and stay retired?

Don’t have more questions than answers. If you’re 20 years away from retirement or less, it’s time to get strategic with your savings and investments. SAA Financial can help you create a strategic asset plan to determine your future retirement income needs and then get on track and stay on the track toward reaching your specific financial benchmarks before retirement.

SAA Financial can assist you by…

  • Analyzing your investment objectives, reviewing your retirement timeline and determining your risk tolerance;
  • Providing recommendations on investment strategy and advice for retirement account contributions and catch-up provisions;
  • Creating a personalized investment management plan to help assets meet financial objectives for retirement and managing the assets within the plan;
  • Performing income modeling to determine projected assets, income sources and income strategy and what you need to have saved before retirement;
  • Strategizing a back up plan for any savings shortcomings or unreliable income sources (such as Social Security or pensions);
  • Holding regular reviews to discuss your investment plan and any necessary changes;
  • Managing account funds, monitoring your account status and updating your investment strategy based on market conditions or economic changes.

Let our experienced advisors help you maximize your retirement savings for the years to come. Learn more about developing a strategic asset plan by requesting our “Get Strategic” complimentary financial consultation today.

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