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Portfolio Management

Are all of your investments working together to create an optimal scenario for you and your money? Do you have an experienced investment management team to help you invest for long-term growth?

When you’re investing, it’s important for you to have a streamlined approach to investment management. All your assets should be well diversified and on track to reach your financial objectives. SAA Financial can manage your qualified investments (pretax: 403(b), 401(k) or IRA), non-qualified investments (after tax: brokerage accounts, Roth IRA) or both, providing a cohesive, all inclusive investment strategy.

We can assist you by…

  • Conducting a comprehensive investment review that evaluates diversification, fees, taxes, gaps or overlaps in investment strategy;
  • Performing an investment profile and providing recommendations on contributions and investment strategy;
  • Creating a long-term personalized investment management plan that incorporates investable assets, helping them to work together to meet financial goals;
  • Actively managing investments within brokerage accounts or retirement plans by implementing a “core-satellite” investment approach wherever possible;
  • Holding regular reviews to discuss your investment plan and any necessary changes;
  • Monitoring your account status and updating your investment strategy in accordance with globally tactically managed portfolios.

Let our experienced advisors put a comprehensive and cohesive investment strategy to work for you. Request our complimentary “Comprehensive Portfolio Review” today.


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