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SAA Financial is dedicated to helping its clients create, grow and preserve wealth in order to achieve long-term financial goals. We know our clients are investing for important future goals, which is why we implement a globally allocated, tactically managed investment approach in an attempt to diversify and strengthen overall long-term portfolio performance.

Wherever possible, for brokerage and select 403(b) management clients, we implement a globally diversified tactically managed core investment approach that is coupled with a separate and different satellite component that identifies market sectors for investment using a quantitative process. This allows us to further diversify investments and to position a portfolio for growth in a risk-managed way. We put an emphasis on transparency, stability and security as we work to maximize the return on your investment dollars.

SAA Financial is dedicated to ongoing investment research and monitoring processes to select strategies that are are both suitable and appropriate to our client's investment expectations. We utilize award-winning Fidelity as the custodian of our clients’ brokerage funds, giving them unparalleled security of and access to their money at all times.

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