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If you are employed by a K-12 school district and have Fidelity Investments as an approved 403(b) option within your plan, we are here to help.

K-12 403(b) participants have special circumstances when it comes to making choices for their retirement accounts. Each participant has unique circumstances as it relates to their time horizon, risk tolerance, investment objectives, and goals, which requires an investment management approach with greater flexibility and customization options. Our 403(b) portfolio management approach allows us to excel at providing customized 403(b) solutions for K-12 professionals that are tailored to the individual client’s needs.

Whether you are just starting your career or nearing retirement, SAA Financial would like to earn your trust and be your comprehensive resource for all your Fidelity 403(b) decisions. Learn more about how SAA Financial can help you achieve your retirement goals by clicking on the below list of participant we currently serve.

Participants we serve

  • Troy School District 403(b) Participants
  • Bloomfield School District 403(b) Participants
  • Birmingham School District 403(b) Participants
  • Warren Woods School District 403(b) Participants
  • Warren Consolidated Schools 403(b) Participants
  • Utica Community Schools 403(b) Participants
  • Fraser School District 403(b) Participants

*Note: If your institution is not listed above and Fidelity is made available in your plan, request a complimentary consultation today as we are confident we can help you create, grow, and preserve your wealth for retirement.


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