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Individual Investors

Individual Investors

No matter your investment goals or account types, let SAA Financial put their more than 20 years of experience in developing comprehensive investment strategies to work for you. We will review and evaluate your current portfolio and perform an investor profile and needs analysis before providing a customized investment plan.

We can help to streamline your brokerage account and employer-sponsored retirement savings plan, creating one fully-integrated cohesive plan where all assets are diversified and on track toward reaching the same financial objectives. Or, we can manage the investments within your brokerage account, whether it’s with Fidelity, our preferred custodian, or through your current institution.

SAA Financial helps individual investors…

  • Create wealth by developing a long-term personalized investment management plan incorporating all investments and retirement savings accounts, so that investable assets are invested according to goals, risk tolerance and timeline to retirement;
  • Grow wealth by actively managing both qualified and non-qualified savings and investments through globally diversified, tactically managed portfolios in order to stay on track for reaching financial goals;
  • Preserve wealth by reallocating assets as retirement approaches, as well as plan for the ongoing management and distribution of investable assets for retirement income purposes.

SAA Financial has the comprehensive service offerings you need to help you prepare for the many aspects of your financial life. Count on us as your go-to resource for all of your financial decisions. Learn more about how SAA Financial can be your financial partner for life. Request our complimentary “Comprehensive Portfolio Review” today.

Learn how SAA Financial can be your financial partner for life.

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